Cutting Arm Concept

∗ Cutting arm and cutting wheel are designed as an interchangeable unit
   A new cutting wheel is fitted to the cutting arm and should remain until it is worn out.
   A specific wheel can be easily mounted on different cutting stations.

∗ Quick and efficient configuration of the cutting station
   The required wheels for a production run can be mounted in a few minutes.
   Each cutting wheel can be mounted in two different orientations. This provides flexibility when configuring for different sized glasses.

∗ Cutting wheels can be quickly changed by replacing the complete arms
   Down time is reduced to a minimum.

∗ Cutting wheel cooling is integrated within the arm
   Optimal cooling fluid supply.
   Cooling liquid lines cannot collide with the glass surface.

Simple cutting arm replacement
Cutting arm with an 83mm wheel.
Integrated cooling on both sides of the wheel

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Robot Cutting Station Cutting Arm Concept CAD Designs

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