The new 4 wheel robot cutting station for crystal glass tableware, vases and chandeliers

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Individually configurable
Large freedom for stems
Each cutting arm can be mounted in one of two orientations
Cutting between wheels
Up to 4 cutting wheels

Special features:

∗ Servo controlled cutting force
   Real time cutting force measurement.
   Precise surface following.
   Compensation for geometrical tolerances in production batches.
   Improved quality at cut crossing points.

∗ Automatic loading and unloading from an external feed

∗ Processing with up to 4 cutting wheels on easily mounted arms

∗ Introduction of the cutting arm concept

Decor cutting – from design to finished glass: An integrated system

The Robot Cutting Station is controlled by the “HORUS Robot Master” firmware.
Cutting data is generated using the HORUScope V8.0 0 CAD/CAM system.

Designs generated by previous versions of HORUScope and also by Wincut Pro can be impurted into HORUScope V8.00.

Designs can be drawn directly on the surface of the glass using
HORUScope V8.00

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Robot Cutting Station Cutting Arm Concept CAD Designs

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